English FAQ

What are your goals create this blog?
Oh, my goal this blog is created solely to share my life experiences,
as well as share information and my photography work that I do not really think. I also created this blog, to preach, so enlighten me and the public about the customs, manners and the important advice-advised.

What are the benefits we get when reading your blog?
The advantages and disadvantages can only be in your own value when they finish reading my blog.

What hosting are you using?
I use google hosting from a subsidiary of www.blogger.com. It is cheap and easy to operate.

Why do you give yourself the title as "wakmizie"?
I originally used the title en.mizie , but if you think back, wakmizie easier to find in SEO system,
as I also mixed Javanese origin. So I chose the title I wakmizie.

Are you married?
Of course, I married since I was 20 years old.

What is your favorite?
I like the arts such as photography, painting, architecture, mechanical. I am also interested in science and technology.

What is your dream?
No other dreams, other than to succeed in life and successful people in their lives. I would also like to see is my Muslim brothers all joined hands together to uphold the religion and not hostile, but preaching to those who are not interested in Islam for Muslims. Insha-Allah ..

If we have questions, where is the place for us to ask?
You all can contact me at my e-mail: wakmizie[at]gmail[dot]com.
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